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The ACE Mentor Program of Greater Philadelphia is the local affiliate of a national non-profit organization. An acronym for Architecture, Construction, and Engineering, ACE engages, excites, and enlightens high school students to consider or pursue careers in the integrated construction industry through mentoring, scholarships, and grants. ACE relies on a network of volunteer mentors ranging from architects and engineers to construction managers, contractors, and subcontractors. The program emphasizes all aspects of design and construction industry careers – from professional college career paths to those in the building trades. By informing and exposing students to the myriad construction career options, ACE is helping to build a talented construction workforce for the future.


In 2019, the ACE Mentor Program of Greater Philadelphia served students in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Chester Counties – AND – Camden, NJ! New teams proposed for the 2019-2020 school year include Delaware County PA and additional teams in Camden, NJ!


Philadelphia County Teams

Suburban Area Teams



REGISTER IN THE ACE NATIONAL DATABASE | Follow THIS LINK and click on “Registration/Login.”


PLEASE NOTE: If you are a returning student – please login to your existing profile. If you forget what email you may have used to create the account, please contact TIFFANY at in order to access this information. There is also a password recovery feature (if need be), so you should not need to create a new profile!


For more information on how to get started as a volunteer in our ACE Affiliate, please contact TIFFANY MILLNER at or call (215) 820-8929.

    The ACE Mentor Program of Eastern PA

    Founded in 2000, the ACE Mentor Program of Eastern Pennsylvania gives students from local high schools an exciting opportunity to learn more about potential careers in architecture, engineering and construction!

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